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                        Tianshui Haichen Bearing Instruments and Equipment Co., Ltd.

                        Tianshui of sea bearing equipment co., LTD. (formerly tianshui bearing instrument factory), founded in 1968, is the major domestic bearing equipment professional manufacturers, research and development capabilities and technological level in the same industry in a leading positio...

                        01quality assurance

                        The quality and after-sales service system is perfect, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality industrialized services to our customers.


                        It has a complete set of technologies ranging from equipment, technology to engineering, and can provide one-stop solutions.


                        With several senior engineering application experts in the industry, we have accumulated rich experience through years of dedicated exploration.

                        04Good service

                        Establish customer files, communicate with customers regularly, and provide continuous technical support for customers.


                        The historical development of bearings
                        The historical development of bearings

                        The early form of linear motion bearings was a row of wooden poles placed under a row of skids. Modern linear bearings work on the same principle, except that they sometimes use balls instead of rollers. The simplest type of rotary bearing...

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